We Purchase & Recycle

Flexible Plastic Packaging Film


Accrued Plastic’s knowledge of the plastic waste recycling market can enable your company to maximise the value of its waste and redundant packaging whilst also ensuring environmental targets are met and maintained. Our experts will work with you and discuss the best avenues to ensure a good return on your product, we can also advise you on best operating practice for collating your film stocks. Making some simple changes to how waste packaging is sorted, stored and palletised can increase the return value of the product.


Waste Disposal Requirements


As with most good manufacturing and hygiene accreditation systems (such as BRC or ISO), waste management and control of waste is a major factor. Accrued Plastic’s Recycling Division can help you in meeting and exceeding these requirements by assisting you with segregating waste plastics and organising regular collections. Not only does this control of waste help streamline your daily operations, it can also generate a financial return for your company.


Product Recovery & Rework

Accrued Plastic’s Recycling Division can assist in recovering flexible packaging, whether it be incorrectly slit reels, crushed cores or incorrect winding of printed film. Accrued Plastic have the ability and expertise to salvage and recover a variety of flexible packaging film reels, including polypropylene, polyester, polythene, paper, nylon, label film and laminate structures.


Damaged Reels? No Problem!


Accrued Plastic can rework and recover these reels. Utilising our adapted machines and experience we can recover severly damaged cores to be rewound onto new cores to enable you to salvage and re-use the film for its original intended application. Above are a few examples of crushed cores we have successfully recovered.


Production Waste

Most manufacturing companies generate production waste, either through set up or as by-products of the production process. Accrued Plastic’s Recycling Division work alongside many manufacturing companies in providing them with a disposal stream for plastic waste. Many printers and converters in the UK flexible packaging market work with Accrued Plastic to collate and dispose of their printed set up reels and trim off cuts.


Our experts can discuss with you the best way to maximise the value of this production waste. Plastic waste can be collated in various formats including (but not limited to) reel format, baled and bagged. If your company generates plastic production waste, allow our experts to guide you on the best route to disposal from site. 


Accrued Plastic are especially interested in purchasing production waste in polypropylene, LDPE, PET and PVC